Sunday, 19 March 2017

Radio Biafra to begin broadcast in America today | Kalu says he didn't approve the launch

 Radio Biafra is set to begin broadcast in America from Sunday, The Cable reports.

This is contained in a statement issued on Friday by Leonard Anemene, a leader of the organisation.

Anemene failed to reveal the broadcast location of the station.

“On the 12th of January 2017, the leadership of IPOB in unison with the leader, deputy leader and the Directorate of State (DOS), decided to expand the broadcasting services of the Biafran struggle through the creation of a new broadcasting service in the Americas,” he said.

“So, a live broadcast of Radio Biafra International (RBi) from the Americas has been imminent for a very long time now but was delayed due to logistic bottlenecks.

“However, we are proud to announce to you all today, that we are going live on air on Sunday, the 19th of March, 2017 with a maiden broadcast, starting from 10.00 am Biafra time.”

Anemene dismissed the claim by the federal government that it had jammed the station.

“NBC lied to their master. Radio Biafra is live in BiafraLand. They cannot even ban our local station, do they even know we also transmit via satellite and online as well,” the group said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Director of the station and leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, who is currently in custody of the Department of State Services (DSS), said he never authorised the launch of Radio Biafra slated for Sunday in the U.S, Premium Times reports.

Speaking through his lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, in a telephone conversation on Sunday, Kanu said he and his deputy, Uche Mefor were oblivious to the development.

Kalu said, “Radio Biafra has approval and authorization to set up in America according to the U.S. laws. But neither me nor my deputy, Uche Mefor, gave approval for it to go on air today in America.”

Also the Leader of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), Comrade Uchenna Madu, has said that the issue of Biafra has been ordained by God.

Madu said  no amount of intimidation or killing of Biafra agitators will stop the actualisation of the sovereign state of Biafra.

The MASSOB leader made his position known in a statement while reacting to a comment credited to the Chief of Army  Staff, Gen. Yusuf Buratai, who had said that the sovereign state of Biafra will never be realised as long as he remains the Army Chief or in another four millennia.

The MASSOB leader said, “We understand that when an unqualified and inexperienced person suddenly occupies an unqualified position through dubious means, tribal/ethnic interest or political settlement, he must do the biddings of his master, his overzealousness to satisfy his master will always overshadow him. This is case of Buhari’s military stooge called Buruatai.”

Madu said Buratai’s statement was synonymous with those made by the former leaders of Yugoslavia, USSR, Indonesia and Sudan.

“So, we are not surprised by the statement of the likes of Buratai as it was the same arrogance which was exhibited by  the leaders of Yugoslavia said before their country broke into six pieces which are today independent countries of Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

“These are the sort of things that the leaders of the Soviet Union who are Russians said before their country broke into 15 pieces  and today  the former republics of Turkestan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan which had been under the yoke of Russia are all independent countries.”

He added, “These are the sort of things that the leaders of the Sudan said before their country broke into two and Southern Sudan was established.

“These are the sort of things that the leaders of Indonesia said before their country broke into two and East Timor was established. These  are the sort of things that the leaders of Czechoslovakia said before their country broke into two and the Czech Republic and Slovakia were established and so on. Buratai obviously does not have a sense of history as many of his ilk who have been in the position of this ill fated country call Nigeria.”

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