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'Tonto Dikeh has issues with alcohol, marijuana..,she has damaged over N66m worth of property' - Churchill says in an explosive interview

Oladunni Churchill, estranged husband of Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has said she has issues with alcohol and marijuana.

Speaking in an interview with Azuka Ojuguiba of Media Room Hub TV, Churchill said he met his wife at a night club.

He said whenever she’s under the influence of the negative intakes, she becomes extremely temperamental and six men cannot hold her down.

On the argument they had in Ghana, Churchill said the Ghanaian police had to wade in after the actress destroyed his properties under the influence.

“So far she’s damaged N66 million worth of properties till date. I tried my best just to revive her to who she was when she was pregnant,” he said.

“I have evidences of some of the properties she damaged.

“I have somebody around Tonto that monitors Tonto, that gives me update about everything she does.”

Below are eighteen things we learnt from the interview:

1. He met Tonto Dikeh two and a half years ago at Club Escape in Lagos

Churchill revealed that his first encounter with the actress was two and a half years ago at his brother’s birthday party at Escape night club in Lagos.

2. Churchill has been into real estate since he was 22

He dismissed reports credited to Tonto that she watched him make his money after they met.

He said that was impossible as he met her barely two and a half years ago, and he has been on real estate since he was 22 years old.

3. She got pregnant for him six months into the relationship

Churchill revealed that he went to pay the actress’ bride price after she got pregnant for him six months after they met.

4. He had four companies before he met Tonto Dikeh

The philanthropist said he was already running four companies of his own before he and Tonto’s path crossed. He added that the companies increased to six after they met.

5. Tonto Dikeh gets extremely temperamental for up to two hours at a stretch whenever she’s under the influence of ‘negative intakes’

He revealed that she is uncontrollable when she takes drugs, alcohol and marijuana and not even six men can hold her down during such spells.

6. He denied sponsoring Ghanaian police to speak against Tonto

Speaking on the incident that happened in Ghana, Churchill dismissed reports that he sponsored the Ghanaian police.

He said the police officer merely read from the statement of the incident.

He said in her fits of rage, Tonto spat on one of the officers at the police station.

7. He bailed her after she was locked up for destroying his properties

Still speaking on the Ghana incident, Churchill said the police locked her up for destroying his properties.

He said he had to draft a withdrawal letter to the police to secure her bail even though he wanted her to replace his properties.

8. She destroyed his properties worth N66 million

He alleged that Tonto Dikeh has damaged his properties worth over N66m till date. He said he has evidence about some of the properties she has destroyed.

9. He has someone monitoring Tonto Dikeh

He revealed that he has someone around Tonto who monitors her and gives him update on everything she does.

He said he is updated even when Tonto decides to write bloggers to publish false stories about him.

10. Tonto said he was an angel if he forgived her

He said after securing her bail, Tonto promised never to return to drugs and other negative intakes, saying he was an angel if he forgived her.

11. He has never hit his son, King

On the allegation by Tonto that he hit their son, King, Churchill, who expressed shock said how could he hit a boy who is barely one and couldn’t speak.

12. He has never raised his hand against any woman

Churchill revealed that he had never beating any woman, saying he was against domestic violence. He showed a video clip of properties destroyed by Tonto in his mother’s house.

13. Tonto made up all the scars on her body

Churchill revealed that all the scars on Tonto’s body were made up by her. He said this was disclosed to him by the person he has who monitors her.

14. 95% of what Tonto said in her interview were lies

Churchill said everything he watched during Tonto’s interview were 95 per cent lies.

He stated that Tonto had planned everything as an actresses.

15. The last time he had STD was in Secondary school

On the allegations by Tonto that he infected a with a Sexually Transmitted Disease, Churchill dismissed it as false, saying he last had STD in secondary school.

16. He has no idea where Tonto Dikeh lives

He said Tonto planned her exit from his house perfectly. He revealed he was away when she moved everything she owned from the house.

He added that he doesn’t know her current whereabouts and has been repeatedly denied access to his son.

17. Both families have tried to reconcile them nine times

He revealed that both families had made nine attempts to reconcile them, the last one was made just ten days ago prior to the interview.

He said anytime the efforts were made Tonto acts all cool, but immediately blocks him afterwards.

18. I don’t have kids outside wedlock

On Tonto’s allegation that she recently found out that he was married, Churchill said the actress lied.

He said the news about his previous marriage and him having kids were lies.

He queried why those spreading the information were contacting Tonto and not him or his mother.

Watch full video below:

Credit: Ynaija

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