Thursday, 13 April 2017

Jimoh Ibrahim insults Jonathan on Twitter, Nigerians bash him..and he responded in a very silly way

So earlier today, businessman and politician, Jimoh Ibrahim took to Twitter to insult former president Goodluck Jonathan by calling him an armed robber.

Jimoh tweeted: "Based on logistics, Goodluck Jonathan is an Anini (the notorious armed robber) with PhD."

Then Nigerians who knows him as a very dubious person came for him.

After insulting him back severely, the former governorship candidate in Ondo state responded in a very silly way.

He first tweeted: "You people don't have any iota of respect on this platform. Is this how y'all relate with folks old enough to be your father?"

Imagine someone that just insulted a former president demanding for respect?

Then he did the silliest thing.. He showed of his new Rolls Royce to taunt those bashing him with the caption: "If you people can use the energy you used to bash Jimoh Ibrahim to hustle, you people will be able afford THIS at the age of 50 - JI-CFR"

 See some reactions to his silly tweet on Jonathan below..

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