Thursday, 13 April 2017

President Trump building nationwide deportation force

President Trump’s administration is quickly identifying ways to assemble the nationwide deportation force that they promised on the campaign trail as he railed against the dangers posed by illegal immigration.

An internal department of Homeland Security assessment obtained by The Washington Post shows the agency has already found 33,000 more detention beds to house undocumented immigrants, opened discussions with dozens of local police forces that would be empowered with enforcement authority and identified where construction of Trump’s border wall could begin.

The agency is also considering ways to speed up the hiring of hundreds of new Customs and Border Patrol officers, including ending polygraph and physical fitness tests in some cases, according to the documents.

These plans could have a major hindrance, the prohibitive costs outlined in the internal report and resistance in Congress, where many lawmakers already frown at approving billions in spending on the wall and additional border security measures.

Administration officials say the plans are preliminary and have not been reviewed by senior DHS management, but the assessment offers a glimpse of the department’s behind-the-scenes planning to carry out the two executive orders Trump signed in January to boost deportations and strengthen border enforcement.

Meanwhile, as he counts down to his first 100 days in office, Trump is quite happy with his achievement in office so far.

The president took to Twitter to says: 'jobs are returning, illegal immigration is plummeting, law, order and justice are being restored. We are truly making America great again'.

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