Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Reno Omokri: It is Impossible to Cheat on a Girlfriend/Boyfriend

On Tuesday, Reno Omokri tweeted that only married couples can cheat on their spouses, while its impossible for a girlfriend or boyfriend to cheat on their partner.

In his latest article off his Renos Nuggets, the former presidential aide clarified the statement he made previously.

Read the article below..
It is Impossible to Cheat on a Girlfriend/Boyfriend.
You can’t cheat on your girlfriend or your boyfriend. You only cheat on wives and husbands. Sex with girlfriends or boyfriends is itself cheating. Sex was created by God exclusively for marriage. 
If people will only wait to marry before having sex, a lot of crimes won’t even occur. Premarital-extramarital sex is often the root of seduction, jealousy, rage, hatred, rape and unwanted/unloved children.
Unwanted and unloved children vent their rage on society. The tensions that arise when society takes measures to curtail their actions leads to pressures on everyone that leads to even more crimes.

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