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Femi Falana and son, Falz, talk about his music career in new interview

Rapper, Fola Falana popularly known as Falz has said he never planned to become an artiste.

Falz said he had wanted to follow the footsteps of his parents who are lawyers.

In a recent interview with Punch, the rapper said he practiced law for some years before realizing that he had more passion for entertainment.

He said, “I had always wanted to emulate my parents. I saw what they had achieved together by building an empire and I wanted to follow in their footsteps. I didn’t know that someday, I was going to drop the wig and gown to become an artiste. But as I was studying for a law degree, my passion for entertainment began to grow. By the time I was done with my degree, I knew I was more passionate about entertainment.  But I still went to law school, to get the necessary qualification. I also spent about two years in active law practice. I was involved in litigation and going to court. At that time, I was juggling both. I would go to the court in the daytime and at night, I would go and perform at events. I was basically living two lives and I kept it up until it couldn’t work anymore.”

On how he came up with his unique and funny accents, Falz said, “The persona that I portray has always been in my music. But bringing out those characters more happened on social media. I think it started about three years ago. I was on a random holiday with my family and while having a conversation with my sisters, I decided to record a video, talking in a funny accent. As soon as I uploaded it on Instagram, a lot of people found it funny and it had a lot of likes and comments. I realised that the persona made people to connect more with me and I knew that it was what I needed to do to take my craft to another level. However, before that I had always been mimicking people.  Back then in school, we used to make fun of some teachers among ourselves. And eventually, it stuck.”

The rapper also talked about his alter ego.

“Yes, I have an alter ego by the name of Brother Taju; he comes in to play every now and then. But generally, Falz is an encompassing brand. The alter ego, comedian, singer and actor are all embedded in the Falz brand,” he said.

Meanwhile, his father, Femi Falana has said he didn’t feel disturbed when Falz decided to go into entertainment.

In an interview with Punch, Falana said he didn’t want to force him to become a lawyer.

He said, “The decision to become a musician was entirely his and we try not to impose our views on our children. Our belief is that you need to guide them, give them education, train them to be critically independent and take their decisions because when parents insist and decide to choose careers for their children, it is not always very helpful and it is not the best. Therefore, based on my liberal disposition, I didn’t feel disturbed or worried when he walked up to me one day to say, ‘‘ Dad, I’ve had enough of legal practice.’’ I just said, ‘It’s barely two years, what do you mean?’’ He told me that he was going to follow his own passion-full-time and without any hesitation, I simply wished him success. I was convinced then as I am now that I could not be held liable if he failed. The society would have recognised that I gave him the best education. My wife was however worried which again is natural and told me to try and persuade him otherwise because this guy did very well in university in the United Kingdom, excelled in law school  and then he was already trying to become a good lawyer.”

On why he didn’t discourage him, Falana said, “My attitude was to say, let’s give his option a trial, if he doesn’t succeed, he would come back, so let’s encourage him. We had a lot of discussions on it and at the end of the day, my wife became persuaded and said let us give his choice a trial. I think he is doing well for himself, so we have no regrets for our decision.

“Folarin is quite versatile. He plays good football and is the captain of our chambers’ football team. he led our team to win the 2016 and 2017 Lawyers Football League Championship.”

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