Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Wike Vs Amaechi: One is angry at ‘Mr Project’ nickname, and one can't speak English, poorly dressed, a thug

The war of words between Rivers state governor Nyesom Wike and his predecessor and now Transport Minister Rotimi Amaechi, is definitely going to be with us longer than we expected.

Wike has said Amaechi is angry because of his nickname ‘Mr Project’.

The governor spoke during an interview on Monday with a Port Harcourt-based radio station, Rhythm FM.

Wike said Amaechi should allow those who want to be governor in the state express themselves, stating that he could never be President again.

Amaechi had during a lecture to mark his 52nd birthday criticised the tag Mr. Project ascribed to Wike.

But Wike said, “His (Amaechi) anger is that I have been given the name, Mr. Project. I came to serve the people. You are comparing your eight years with my two years.

“Anybody aspiring to be governor should be allowed to tell Rivers people what he wants to do. You (Amaechi) cannot be governor again,” he said.

He added that his administration cannot be compared to Amaechi’s because he completed all the abandoned projects left by him.

“It is unfortunate that someone who was celebrating his 52nd birthday would tell Rivers people what is not correct.

“The immediate past administration abandoned projects by previous administrations. But we chose to complete projects that they abandoned.  We completed all the projects that will positively impact the lives of our people.

“We inherited N14.7bn as salaries and pensions from the Amaechi administration, which we cleared; N23.2bn loan from Zenith Bank was also inherited and cleared by us. Another agriculture loan obtained by that administration was cleared by my administration.”

Wike also alleged that each commissioner and local government chairman in Rivers State paid the erstwhile governor’s wife, Judith, N3m and N2m monthly, respectively.

In response, Amaechi has threatened to expose Wike’s wife “if he (Wike) does not shut up his mouth.”

Amaechi said this on Tuesday at the sidelines of an inspection programme at the Kaduna Dry Port while reacting to an allegations made by Wike against his wife.

Amaechi said, “By accident of Goodluck Jonathan, I don’t want to attribute it to God, but by the accident of Jonathan, the man takes office and talks rubbish. My wife and family, including my younger brothers and sisters, no one had access to government when I was governor.

“Even as minister, nobody will have such because it is not a family business. It is government business. But the problem with Nyesom Wike, and I want you to state this if he doesn’t shut up his mouth and do his work I will bring his wife to the focus. You see I’ve been very matured not to talk about his wife.

“But if Wike does not close his mouth and talk about my wife anymore, I will bring out his wife. My wife will never do such, we don’t do family business. I care about transparency. My wife is a trader. She buys and sells and Wike knows that.”

On the allegation that he siphoned N30bn belonging to the state, Amaechi said, “And you believe that? The man who says he has about $50m in Lagos and could no prove it is the same man you believe. The man who said I didn’t pay salaries until I left office and now he is saying no, it is pensioners that I didn’t pay. Do you believe such a man?

“Do you think such a man is well? You believe Nyesom Wike is well? First, he doesn’t know how to speak English, he is poorly dressed, he is a thug, and you bring me to focus with that kind of a man?”

He added that his team was not given fair hearing by the panel set up in the state.

Amaechi said, “Which court, okay let him go to court. He has no fact and he maligns people’s character. The process is that you set up a tribunal, but we’ve questioned the tribunal, we were not given a fair hearing.

“Again, how do you know how the court came to its decision? We were not even informed. There is a panel of justices in Rivers State, which is the Court of Appeal. But by the time we knew it, they took away that matter from them and gave it to a panel that came from Adamawa.”

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