Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Facebook user exposes man who parades himself as ECOWAS youth president to defraud his Facebook friends

A Facebook user, Kate Bassey, has taken to her page exposed a man who parades himself as ECOWAS youth president but was allegedly defrauding people and will later claim he was hacked.

From the screenshots of their private chats she shared, it seems the man goes around telling his Facebook friends that's he is stranded somewhere because his ATM got lost and he needs financial assistance to pay for flight ticket or something.

Read her post and the screenshots below..
Those of you on my friend's list know that I don't jump into conclusions on any issue that arises on social media till I have reasons beyond doubt to do so.
A facebook friend in person of Seúnfúmi O. William was featured on my timeline over a month ago as the President of ECOWAS youth council to inform the public and educate youths. After that engaging session, it's natural for friends who were part of that post to send or accept friend requests to and from him.
Two weeks ago, I got a distress message from him asking for financial assistance. He even mentioned my name in the message he sent (as seen in the screenshot 👇) to prove its authenticity. I was broke myself so I couldn't ask him for any account details or send him any cash (truth is I suspected it might have been a hacker). The next day, I chatted him up to know if he got help (I had someone run a check on the account's hack history and it was never hacked so I wanted to genuinely help him) and he replied saying yes,he borrowed from a friend of his. So we went on as normal friends.
Then yesterday night, Vincent Deborah reached out to me with information about him asking her for money. She had concluded his account must have been hacked and was telling me because she wanted me to inform him of this development. I curiously asked for the screenshot of what he sent to her........ Lo and behold my brethren, same storyline. I was shocked!!! I still kept my cool and decided to investigate by finding out who is behind his account.
So I chatted him up. I asked for his number and called him. I spoke with him and asked if he was in Abuja as I needed him to help a friend of mine who needs letter of recommendation (this was to be sure of his location. I didn't need any recommendation for anyone). On that call, he said he was still in Osogbo. hmm I proceeded inbox to verify with the later when he sent her that message and she replied it was same yesterday. WOW right?. I then chatted him back asking for a video call via facebook (this was to be sure of whoever was behind the account). He declined it saying he was in a noisy and dark environment and asked that we have a video call today.
This afternoon, I called him via facebook and he was indeed the one that picked and spoke with me LIVE!
So no need mincing words, I chatted him straight up with what had been going on. He called my mobile number (which he saved from our call last night..... I recorded the call) to say that his account was hacked and that I'm NOT the first person telling him such. What???
I then insisted that if he knew this all along, it's only reasonable that he makes a post on his wall to warn his contacts as a disclaimer. He didn't want to, so I told him that if he didn't do that in 10mins.... I would do it myself.
Here... is the interesting part, he made a post!.
I and other people commented and it was obvious more people had gotten similar message and his replies were contradicting.
Before I could reply him with a proof that his number wasn't registered on true caller, he deleted the post!!
This is a notice to the general public to be aware. I would not know such and be quiet.Something isn't adding up.
 See screenshots below..


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