Friday, 7 July 2017

Blac Chyna to seek restraining order against Rob Kardashian after he posted explicit images of her

An attorney for Blac Chyna said Friday she will seek a restraining order against reality star Rob Kardashian after he posted sexually explicit images of the model on Instagram and Twitter.

Lisa Bloom, a well-known celebrity attorney, said on Twitter: “I represent Blac Chyna. I just gave Rob Kardashian notice that we’ll be in court Monday seeking restraining orders against him.”

Kardashian, 30, posted the images Wednesday while accusing Chyna, the mother of his child, of cheating on him.

Some legal experts have said the posts could be problematic because in 2013, California lawmakers passed a law penalizing what is known as “non-consensual pornography.”

A violation of the law is a misdemeanor resulting in up to six months in jail.

LATimes reports that Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials, whose jurisdiction includes Kardashian’s residence, said they have not received any complaints about his postings. That would be required for any kind of investigation to begin.

“This is, in many ways, exactly what the revenge porn law talks about,” said Louis Shapiro, a criminal defense attorney. “A prosecutor here could choose to make an example of him even if she doesn’t want to cooperate.”

Anyone pursuing the case would have to show that Blac Chyna did not consent to distribution of the images and that they were intended for private use, he said.

Shapiro said Kardashian could get in trouble whether Chyna wants to pursue a case or not, though he said proving a criminal misdemeanor case without the victim’s cooperation would be difficult.

“As his attorney, I would tell him to immediately delete all the messages because it could be perceived as a motive for the explicit images,” Shapiro said.

Bloom was among the first Wednesday to publicly suggest Kardashian might have violated the state law. The attorney recently was involved in another civil case in which she succeeded in preventing a former boyfriend of actress Mischa Barton from releasing explicit videos of the star.

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