Sunday, 2 July 2017

Jesus is fiction, Nnamdi Kanu is real – A die-hard supporter of the IPOB leader says

Chukwudi Leo, a die fan of  Nnamdi Kanu has compared the IPOB leader to Jesus Christ.

In the photo he uploaded on Facebook, he suggested that Jesus is but fictional while Kanu is real.
This is in support of Kanu’s comments on Radio Biafra calling Jesus a ‘white man’s God’.

In another post, Leo condemned the comment by Ohanaeze, who said IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu should stop making “unguided and provocative” comments.

He wrote, “When The Highly Respectable Elders Loose Their Focus & Forget What They Represent, The Young Ones Will Have No Other Choice Than Embark On A Revolutionary Journey That Will Sweep Them.


1. OHANEZE ndi Igbo is just a group of old elders who are confused about what their fate might become tomorrow if they speak the truth.

“They say everything to impress the government because the bribes taken and calamities committed by the influence of the government’s money, can neither allow them see nor think straight ever again.

“So, they will always speak against humanity because they are cut in the middle.

They are age mates of my grand-pa who had passed away in the early 90s.

“If my grand-pa is dead, why are they still here to decide what my future would look like without my consent????

2. OHANEZE YOUTH are Just a group of elderly youth who don’t really know what they want.
“Just like the Nigerian media or chameleon, they say everything according to the weight of the black envelope received.

“They lost their focus along the way because Nigerian Government is just a government of bad influences.
“One popular statement says ‘‘IF YOU CANT BEAT THEM YOU JOIN THEM”

Nobody really beats the Nigerian government without extra ordinary powers or Powerful courage. They lost the courage, so they have been influenced.

“Then why should they decide my fate????


“I have to make it simple and clear…..

BIAFRA is not IGBO race. BIAFRA is not for everybody. It Is for only those who love freedom.

“Anybody can choose to remain a Nigerian forever, but let those who need Biafra have it peacefully now, not until it turns bloody……… Because BIAFRA must surely come……NO TWO WORDS ABOUT IT…….


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