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Rob Kardashian claims Blac Chyna had thre*somes with T.I. and Tiny | Could face jail for Chyna revenge porn

Rob Kardashian has claimed his on-off girlfriend Blac Chyna had thre*somes with T.I. and his estranged wife Tameka 'Tiny' Cottle.

The 29-year-old reality star made the accusation on Wednesday amid a vengeful social media rant which saw him post explicit images of Chyna and accuse her of cheating on him.

Rob's claim came after T.I., 36, advised him to refrain from posting his issues online.

T.I. addressed Rob in the comments section of one of the reality star's Instagram posts, which are now no longer available on the site as the reality star's account has since been taken down by the social media platform.

'Why bring ya business to IG tho?,' T.I. commented. 'Look, You got worked bro.... but at least keep it to yourself.'

T.I., who is in the process of divorcing Tiny, then suggested Rob cut his losses and 'move on.'

'You letting the world know you a duck,' T.I. added. 'I mean a BIG DUCK, a mighty duck, Ronald McDonald the Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Howard the Duck, Huey Dewy & Lewie... save the #DuckTales Just hold this L, kiss ya kid & cut ya losses& move on... u got no moves bro.'

Rob, who welcomed baby daughter Dream with Chyna last year, hit back by making the claim the hip hop star paid his ex to bang him him and Tiny together.

Rob even said Chyna told him about the encounters.

'Since TI wanna chime in on business that don't concern him let's talk about the thre*some you had with Chyna and your baby mama Tiny,' he wrote in a new post. 'Don't speak on my daughter when u having thre*somes with young Chy and Tiny ::: and I put that on my daughters life since u wanna speak on my daughter,,, d*mn shame.'

'Chyna told me everything about your thre*somes with you and her and Tiny. U got no moves bro ;;; Correction ::: TI paid Chyna to have sex with Tiny and him,' he added.

See the exchanges below..

Meanwhile, Rob Kardashian could face jail time for posting a naked picture of Blac Chyna on social media.

Rob's Instagram post may have broken California's 2013 revenge porn laws where it is considered a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Revenge porn is illegal in CA and it certainly appears to me that Rob has violated this criminal law,' LA lawyer Lisa Bloom told the New York Daily News..

Bloom, who recently won a victory for her client Mischa Barton after her ex posted revenge porn of the actress, said that even the fact that Chyna 'liked' one of the images on Instagram does not affect her case.

Courts must prove is that he had possession of a private image of an 'intimate body part of another identifiable person' and intentionally posted it online with the intention of causing distress. The distribution of the image then must lead to the victim's distress.

A text message exchange, Rob posted online, makes it clear that he had asked Chyna to take and send him the intimate picture - telling her she was beautiful and he needed it to masturbate to.

At no point did he ever mention in that exchange that he would share that picture with millions.

'Kardashian's conduct epitomizes 'revenge porn' — a jilted ex unable to handle rejection and jealousy in a mature way who aggresses by sexually exposing another individual,' Bloom said.

Not only could Kardashian be facing six months in jail and a $5,000 court fine, the revenge porn also opens him up to a lawsuit from his ex.

Bloom believes that the mother-of-two could get millions if she sued for damages, if she got a sympathetic jury.

 Cops say they have not yet received any criminal report.

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