Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Al-Qaeda urges followers to cause train crashes in Britain

In its latest effort, Al-Qaeda has urged its supporters in Britain to derail a train, thereby causing massive loss of life and “instilling fear” among travellers and commuters, the UK Telegraph reports.

The terrorist group through an article in the group’s “magazine Inspire” said, Securing thousands of miles of track in the UK was “practically impossible” and attacks would cause “great damage and destruction”.

The terrorist group which said the attacks would force Governments to impose the airport-style security measures on rail travellers has offered to show how to make a “derail tool”.

However, the threat has been taken seriously by British and American intelligence agencies who have resolved to “work closely” to combat the threatened situation.

Government have expressed great concern over rail travelling which is “one area of public transport which is worryingly yet to be exploited”.

Armed Forces have stated their preparedness to support police and ambulance in any eventuality.

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