Tuesday, 8 August 2017

EU alliance threatened as Macron moves to crackdown on Eastern European workers

Reports emanating from France is set to put a dent in the European Union alliance.

Brexit opened the portal for many daring moves which eluded calculations. The latest of such reports is the heavy clampdown on the eastern workers who enjoy the Eastern wages provision of the EU and the French labour laws.

Under the EU policies less rich Eastern European countries like Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Czech Republic are incorporated in an Eastern wage rule which permit their workers to work in rich Western European countries at a lesser charge.

Companies in these countries including France prefer to hire these set of labourers as it costs them less in wages – a development that has birthed the mass inflow of labourers and endangered the prospects of indigenous workers of the Western countries (UK, France, Germany etc).

In lieu of this, President Macron has made a move to limit the provisions of the policy. In a bid to create job opportunities for the French citizens, improve the economy and fulfill his campaign promises, Macron has made his resolve public to halt the benefits of this policy and allow a more competitive labour process – a development which will not go down well through the spines of the Eastern European countries and the EU at large.

Last month President Macron was embroiled in a trade issue with Italy and it has been reported that the popularity of the outspoken president has dropped by 14% since he assumed office.

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