Friday, 25 August 2017

French President Emmanuel Macron spends €26,000 on make up in three months

France youngest President in centuries, Emmanuel Macron, is facing an 'unusual' scandal.

The 39-year-old president has spent €26,000 (£24,000) on makeup in his first three months in office.

According to Le Point, since entering the Elysée Palace in May, Macron has settled two bills from a personal makeup artist called Natacha M; one for €10,000 and another for €16,000, a disclosure which is certain to add to the woes of the young President who is rolling on the heel of a plummeting popularity.

In responsive defense, The Elysee Palace said of the high fee, “We called in a contracter as a matter of urgency. The same makeup artist also applied foundation to Mr Macron during his presidential campaign”. Presidential aides however said that “spending on makeup would be significantly reduced”.

The gross figure is in variance with the confessed beliefs of Macron who has described his style as “Jupiterian” – lofty in the spirit of the God of Roman gods.

In comparison, the huge figure is higher than the €6,000 euro salary paid by Mr Hollande to his staff makeup artist, but less when social charges are added – which engulfs an overall figure of €30,000 for Mr Hollande’s makeup per quarter, while also a little higher than a lavish €8,000 per month paid by Nicolas Sarkozy – Hollande’s predecessor.

In all, these sums bows in comparison with the £99,000 Mr Hollande paid his personal barber, which sparked accusations of “shampoo Socialism” during his tenure.

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