Thursday, 31 August 2017

London-based model Jazz Egger exposes the high level prostitution in the modeling industry

A young model, who was allegedly offered money to sleep with wealthy men, has come out to expose what goes on within the fashion industry.

London-based model Jazz Egger, 20, claimed prostitution is rife in the industry. She said that "big agencies" and "established models" are involved in seedy underground dealings, with young women paid up to $2million to spend the night with male clients.

Jazz said she first became aware of it last summer after meeting an agent at an exclusive London club. It was then that the agent propositioned her. She was offered an "image modelling job" which involved a Greek yacht trip with three "millionaires". She claims she was even told that two young supermodels who have become household names have "spent time" with men for money in order to make a headway in their career.

Jazz said she refused, telling them she's a model, not an escort. She said a second man later invited her to a private dinner with a famous actor and told her to expect to get intimate with the actor. she also refused and the man, whose name is given simply as George, fired back telling her that everyone does it. The agent claimed that well-known fashion models have accepted vast sums of cash in return for spending time with his clients.

"It’s the most normal thing in the industry, everyone does it," George told her.

He continued: "(The models) realise the value of money and how much of a difference it can make. And everyone enjoys having sex especially with good-looking guys. What is the shame? Society creates double standards that make women feel guilty.

"That is how the fashion industry works. Most models get to where they were through something like this."

George even told Jazz that one of the most established modelling agencies in the world was a "partner client" of the company that had approached her for sex work.

He said: "All of these modelling agencies are run by hedge fund managers wanting to meet girls."

Jazz was shocked at the revelation and told MailOnline: "I would never sell my body in such a matter. I couldn’t combine it with my morals really. I still respect those who do accept such offers. What made his offer highly questionable to me is that he asked me to keep quiet about it. This can’t be okay.

"(George) reacted by spamming me with messages, in an attempt to convince me to accept his offer. It seemed like he was very experienced in that kind of conversation. He sent me screenshots of models who he allegedly worked with."

She added: "I know some models that have done escort work and experienced unwanted sexual advances. When I shared the article, many of my model colleagues messaged me, telling me about their experiences. It was sad to see that it’s such a common and usual thing. There’s so much wrong with this industry and I am going to do whatever it takes in order to change it. It might take centuries, but you have to start somewhere."

This wouldn't be the first time someone is making these claims. Chrissy Teigen has previously spoken out about struggling models turning to sex work to make money. In 2015, an industry insider also told OK magazine the same thing.

The insider said: "Wealthy businessmen will have someone reach out to agencies on their behalf to request appearances from these girls."

Below are screenshots of the messages George sent to Jazz as proof that other models are sleeping with men for money.

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