Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Melania Trump thanks Chelsea Clinton for defending her son, Barron against online bullying

Chelsea Clinton took to Twitter Tuesday in defense of Barron Trump, following an article which criticized the President Trump youngest son’s casual fashion choices.

On Monday, conservative news outlet the Daily Caller published a story attacking Barron for the T-shirt and shorts he wore while boarding Air Force One on Sunday. The headline read, “It’s High Time Barron Trump Starts Dressing Like He’s In the White House.”

In a barrage of angry tweets, many described the story as “mean spirited,” “shameful,” intrusive and irrelevant. The reactions shared a common understanding that the president’s children are supposed to be off-limits.

Following the story’s publication, the White House on Tuesday asked the news media to give Barron space.

“As with all previous administrations, we ask that the media give Barron his privacy,” Stephanie Grisham, a spokeswoman for Mrs. Trump, told the Associated Press “He is a minor child and deserves every opportunity to have a private childhood.”

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton, who has come to Barron’s defense before, weighed in with a tweet: “It’s high time the media & everyone leave Barron Trump alone & let him have the private childhood he deserves.”

The article is surprising owing to the fact that, President Trump and his wife, Melania had made all possible best to shield Barron, 11 and keep him from the spotlight.

First lady, Melania Trump’s communications director, Stephanie Grisham told CNN, “Like all first families have in the past, we want everyone to respect Barron’s privacy and let him be a kid”.

It is amusing to note that, Chelsea Clinton who had come to Barron’s defense multiple times is also an outspoken opponent of the Trump administration, she has in a countless number of times took to social media with sharply worded criticism of her mother’s 2016 opponent’s policies.

She wrote few days after Trump’s inauguration, “Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does-to be a kid. Standing up for every kid also means opposing @POTUS policies that hurt kids.”

Prior to this latest outburst, She had stressed her convictions few months ago saying, “I’ve repeatedly said and will keep saying Barron should be afforded the right and space and privacy to be a kid.”

After her tweets, First lady Melania Trump took to Twitter to thank the former first daughter for defending her son against online bullying.

Melania wrote, “Thank you @ChelseaClinton – so important to support all of our children in being themselves! #StopChildhoodBullying”.

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