Wednesday, 9 August 2017

VP Mike Pence reportedly making post-Trump era moves

Amidst upheavals and shake downs in the White House, the office of the vice president has maintained a rather calm disposition. Vice president Mike Pence seems to be the ‘dove’ of the Trump administration,  Politico reports..

The recent appointment of Nick Ayers as the chief of staff to the vice president has a lot to say about the political adventure of the VP.

Ayers’ hire, according to persons familiar with the trump administration had nothing to do with a secret campaign to challenge Trump in 2020 and more about helping the vice president protect his political future in the post-Trump era.

Ayer is a renowned political operative, who had aforetime warned the vice president of the impending damage the antics of Trump may be a dent on his political career and had admonished him to assume a staunch position and prepare for the post Trump era.

Ayers, a 34-year-old native of Georgia, replaced Josh Pitcock, the former long-serving chief of staff and has been rumoured as the back bone of Pence against the 2020 electioneering in which the VP has been speculated to make daring moves.

Ayers had an opportunity to join the White House earlier in January but declined the offer as a result of his long standing feud with Reince Priebus, the former chief of staff to President Trump who was ousted two weeks ago.

Ayers is around to ensure that if Trump is out of the picture for one reason or another his man will be ready. He is elbowing his way into meetings at which the vice president was previously unrepresented.

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