Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Alexander O. Onukwue: Nigeria - The animal kingdom of the Lion king with Pythons that dance

There is more than one way to understand the intention behind the current operation of the Nigeria Army in the South East. Coming at a time of apparently increased agitations led by Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB, it has been widely interpreted as a means to cower them into holding their lips and discarding their secessionist ambitions. Using Buhari’s words, this may be about pushing them back from the red lines which they had crossed.

I said more than one way but is there is REALLY another interpretation? The dance is not going to be a number by Flavour or Phyno, that’s for sure, and it is still too early in the ember months to say this has anything to do with keeping the region safe from kidnappers and robbers. That had been the justification for the first mission last year.

So Python Dance II must need be a “your better mind yourselves or else” kind of mission. The soldiers are not going to be taking any nonsense, such as discretely filming their patrols when you are not a journalist. The mission is for everyone to fall in line and behave. Questions about what that means about Nigeria being a democracy that militarizes civic spaces are not going to matter; this is a python dance, which makes it a social event.

In July, it was about Hyenas and Jackals, and the fate of weaker animals.

Apparently, barking dogs are going to have a leash put on them in the presence of the pythons now released. Never mind that the office of the Lion Kind was rendered unusable by rats; those dogs have to start paying for wanting to bite more than they are allowed to chew.

Some sheep could find themselves bearing the brunt of these clashes – like the bystander said to have been wounded from the exchange between the Army and the IPOB on Sunday.

In the debate between democracy or autocracy, what form suits Nigeria best as an animal kingdom?

Culled from YNaija

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