Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Another side to the Kevin Hart cheating Scandal: He did not cheat. He was raped

While Kevin Hart is currently enmeshed in a cheating scandal, however, there’s a new narrative building up on international Twitter that Kevin Hart is a victim of circumstances; that in fact sexual crimes were committed against him and he was raped. So, he can’t be said to have cheated.
This narrative is based off of this TMZ article the extortionist wrote.

It is true that Kevin’s accuser has openly bragged about taking advantage of the comedian/actor while he was intoxicated.

She did say, in her own words: “Kevin Hart was so drunk and drugged up, it was an effortless attempt to film and take pictures of him.”

See excerpts below:
Between the dates of August 17-August 20, 2017, the weekend of his pregnant wife’s birthday, Kevin Hart was recklessly partying with friends and I. Drinking, doing drugs, and having sex with multiple women at the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel. Seeing Kevin Hart blatantly disrespect his marriage in the way he did was appalling to me. Kevin Hart’s womanizing ways are so despicable, I personally know a handful of women who run within the same circle as I do and they have also had sexual contact with Kevin Hart. They too know women that Kevin Hart has had sexual contact with.
For the record, I do not claim to be a saint. I know exactly who and what I am. The difference is, I am not married nor do I pretend to be perfect.
Kevin Hart was so drunk and drugged up, it was an effortless attempt to film and take pictures of him. I hope every celebrity learns his or her lesson from this. Regardless of your financial status, you are not invincible.”
Twitter users have examined parts of the story we may have ignored because of Kevin Hart’s gender.

Now, imagine if a guy, some random guy, said this of a lady.

A lady is drunk and drugged up, and a guy films and takes photos of her while basically taking advantage of her state. What would we, the general public, say?

Now many Twitter users are using that one phrase -“drunk and drugged up” – to claim the comedian is a victim of rape.

 Read the thread and reactions below..

Second thread:


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