Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Showdown between Trump's ex and current wife as Melania slams Ivana for trying to usurp her role as First Lady

It seems we about to witness a showdown between US President Donald Trump's ex wife, Ivana Trump and his current wife, Melania Trump.

Ivana granted an interview with “Good Morning America” on Monday to promote her new book and boasted of her access to the White House and described herself as the real First Lady.

Ms Ivana however claims she doesn’t use her “direct number” to the White House because “ Melania is there.”

The mother to Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka, said she only gets in touch with the President once every two weeks. “I [don’t] really want to call him there, because Melania is there. And I don’t want to cause any kind of jealousy or something like that, because I’m basically first Trump wife. Okay? I’m first lady”, she explained.

While one might be tempted to think the 68-year old first wife who was married to Donald from 1977 to 1992, would be jealous of the Washington role as First Lady, she dismissed such, saying, “I think for her (Melania) to be in Washington must be terrible. It’s better her than me. I would hate Washington.”

She added, “Would I straighten up the White House in 14 days? Absolutely. Can I give the speech for 45 minutes without [a] teleprompter? Absolutely. Can I read a contract? Can I negotiate? Can I entertain? Absolutely. But I would not really like to be there. I like my freedom.”

Ivana and Donald's 15 years marriage came to an end when he had an affair with Marla Maples, who later became his second wife.

Ivana who still refers to Maples as the “showgirl” said, “Donald during the divorce was brutal. He took the divorce as a business deal and he cannot lose. He has to win,” she said. “So it took about two years and after the final situation was straightened up, he was just talk and we are friends.”

In the interview, Ivana went on to share some of the advice she apparently shares with her ex-husband:

“Sometimes I tell him not to speak that much, and tweets are the tweets. I don’t disagree with him because he has so much press against him, so if he says something his words are going to be twisted immediately. If he tweets, the whole world can really get his mind and what is in his mind, and he can tell it in his own words,” she said.

When asked about the president’s tweeting habits, and how she would feel if her children used that “language” to describe people, she noted that they were always “very good” and that she never needed to discipline them.

When asked how she would feel if they used the word “loser” to describe someone, she said, “I think they sometimes call people losers. If they are losers, they are losers, okay?”

Watch the interview..

However,  Melania Trump is not letting any woman usurp her role as Wife of President Trump and First Lady of United States of America.

Melania, through the Office of the First Lady has fired back at Ivan.

The First Lady’s office said there “is clearly no substance to this statement from an ex.”

In a statement to Fox News, the first lady’s communications director, Stephanie Grisham said, “This is unfortunately only attention-seeking and self-serving noise”.

“Mrs. Trump has made the White House a home for Barron and the President. She loves living in Washington, D.C. and is honoured by her role as First Lady of the United States. She plans to use her title and role to help children, not sell books”, Grisham said, slamming Ivana’s book-promotion.

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