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White Witch warns Angelina Jolie against using magic and 'tattoo binding' to woo back Brad Pitt

A white witch from London has urged Hollywood star Angelina Jolie to cease dabbling in magic to try to woo back ex-husband Brad Pitt.

Back in September, Star magazine reported that Angelina was 'turning to bizarre spiritual rituals in an effort to fix her life and get Brad back', but Carrie Kirkpatrick, 51, says she knew that what the actress was doing was very wrong.

'When you use spells to try and win someone back, you have to be very careful what you wish for,' Carrie told FEMAIL. 'Brad and Angelina split up for a reason, so if she succeeds in getting back with him, she may end up unhappy.

'She is making a foolish mistake if she thinks she can manipulate him back into her life using magic.

 He has free will. If they are meant to be together, then love and their highest selves will find a way.'

Carrie, who is ordained as a Priestess Of the Goddess and teaches people how to connect with the 'mystical goddess energies', also noted how Angelina and Brad had a mutual tattooing session last year, months before their union ended.

It was a symbolic effort to 'bind their marriage', but it failed because she was 'forcing' them to stay together, she said.

Carrie says Angelina has always been interested in the 'dark arts'.

'The way she used to wear her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton's blood in a vial around her neck, this is a form of blood magic,' she explained.

'It feeds into her tendencies towards BDSM. For her, obsession and possession equal love.'

'Angelina is known to have a strong interest in the occult, especially Voodoo and Hoodoo.

'Whilst these traditions are not necessarily dark, there is the option here to use the magic for a darker purpose.

'In all magic, the choice between working the spell for good or bad is really down to the intention of the practitioner.

'It's like opening a very potent toolbox, you can use the tools however you wish, but there will be consequences.

'This is why we recommend proper training in magical practice. It's to protect the practitioner as well as the subjects of their magic,' said Carrie.

Angelina is also a devotee of tattoos and before she split from Brad, the couple were inked alongside one another by ex Thai monk Ajarn Noo Kanpai, who they flew to Siem Reap in Cambodia in February 2016 to work on the symbolic designs.

She acquired three new mystical sak yant back inkings from the Thai artist, a style which encompasses lines of script, geometric patterns and animal shapes, while Brad had the left side of his stomach tattooed with a Buddhist symbol.

The process was meant to 'symbolically bind them as husband and wife', but they ended up splitting in September 2016.

Carrie said: 'This is a classic case of the magic rebounding, as she was trying to force them to stay together.

'She uses her tattoos as protective talismans but they are not linked to witchcraft.

'They're magical though, in that she associates them with protective qualities. So she is using the magic of the Far East. This is not witchcraft as we on the West know it - it's the "magic" of another culture.'

The star also reportedly used magic to woo her man, by presenting him with a vial of grey powder that turned out to be a cremated bat, purportedly to ward off negative energies and accidents.

'It's more likely that this was intended to bind him to her,' Carried explained.

'She comes across as a bit insecure so she may have felt that she needed the magic to seal the deal and prevent any other witches or occultists from attacking her or sabotaging her love life.

It's all about the sex with Angelina, and by that I mean the power she can exert over a man. This is like an elixir, the ultimate possession.

'She clearly wanted Brad very much and would not consider letting him go. But ultimately, this is a fool's game as there's no point in trying to make someone be with you.

'They have free will and entrapping them will only lead to unhappiness. Why would anyone want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with them?'

Assisting the lovelorn is one of Carrie's many talents. 'I've helped all kinds of people using magic,' she says. 'People with legal issues, love troubles, fears and insecurities.

'I guide them through transformation in their lives, by showing them how to face their fears and follow their true path.'

When working with people who've come to her, Carrie has found that some are – or have been – witches.

'I believe that many people are born witches, and that they have been witches, healers and psychics in previous lives. These people often bring with them a fear of persecution due to the history of so many witches being executed,' she claims.

'When working with them, it's important for me to help them heal past life trauma so that they can be themselves in this life and do the work that they're destined to do.

Source: DailyMail

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