Sunday, 28 January 2018

NBC declares Olamide’s ‘Science Student’ Song “Unfit for Broadcast” for 'promoting drug abuse'

The Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) has slammed a Not-To-Be-Broadcast (NTTB) warning on Olamide‘s latest single “Science Student“.

According to Nigerian Tribune, the warning was served to all radio and television stations over the week.

Confirming the news, NBC’s Head of Public Affairs Hajia Maimuna Jihada told Tribune that the song was not out-rightly banned but prohibited from being played on local stations for public consumption.

She said:
"NBC does not ban music. Our mandate is on what goes on Radio and TV. Olamide’s Science Student has been declared ‘Unfit for broadcast’.
She further went on to mention that the song’s subtle promotion of illegal drugs was the main reason for declaring it unlawful as she issued a stern warning to all broadcasting houses;
"We have communicated all our licensees for compliance or they will face sanctions"
In the song, Olamide mentioned the use of prohibited drugs such as Codeine, Tramadol, illicit substances such as Monkey tail, Skushi, Shisha, Alomoterming, referring to those who use and mix them as Science Students. This classical attribution follows what science students do in the laboratory, which is mixing chemicals.

This is not the first time Olamide’s song would attract the regulatory body’s big stick. In the past, NBC had delisted songs like Shakiti Bobo, Don’t Stop, official visual of Wo, Wavy Level from Nigeria’s airwaves on different claims of promotion of vulgarity, lewdness, nudity, drugs among others.

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