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#BBNaija: Nina reveals why she can’t date Davido, when last she had sex, Cee-C runs her mouth, Tobi lays curse on her after she grabbed his d*ck

Nina, Cee-C and Tobi
Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Nina, on Saturday revealed why she can’t date musicians like Nigerian award winning star, Davido.

Nina (real name Chinonso Nina Onyenobi) said she can’t date musicians like Davido because she is a “jealous” person.

She said this while interacting with fellow housemates, Miracle and Ifu Ennada, shortly after the nights show.

Nina said she can’t see other women “rocking” her lover because she will die.

She said, “I can’t date musicians like Davido; when I see other girls rocking him I will die. I’m a very jealous person but its not good to be jealous.”

During Saturday’s party that had DJ Jimmy Jatt on the wheels of steel, possibly intoxicated from the alcohol, Nina also admitted to Cee C that she had sex “yesterday”.

Recall that former housemate, Dee-One, disclosed that Nina and Miracle always read the Bible, pray before engaging in their sexual activities.

He accused Nigerians of pretending, adding that housemates were encouraged to do anything in the house before going in.

Dee-One who spoke on Fly TV, said: “Even Nina and Miracle, there was something they were doing.

“In the evening they will pray. When they want to sleep they’ll read Bible, pray then lie down and have sex.”

Meanwhile, Cee-C seems to have bitten more than she can chew after running her mouth too much.

Cee-C, whose real name is Cynthia Nwadiora, first revealed she is a virgin.

The controversial housemate disclosed this in a conversation with fellow housemate, Teddy A.

During the chat, Cee-c stunned Teddy when she said she has never had sex in her life.

The twenty five year old said , ”I have never had sex in my whole life.

”The reason you never hear me talk about sex in the house is because I haven’t done it before.”

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Then she disclosed that her father advised her to act like a married person in the reality show.

Cee-c said he also warned her about having any sexual relationship in the house.

The lawyer while speaking to Teddy A after the Saturday night party said, her father’s stern warnings made her uninterested in any form of sexual relationship in the house.

Recall that alleged wedding pictures of Cee-c generated reactions from Nigerians.

She said “My father warned me before coming here; he said I don’t want to hear Cee-C and one guy did anything.

”I want you to relate with everyone, he even said I should act like I am married so I can be in check.

”I respect my father a lot, reason why when I came I was not involved with any one until I decided it is just a game.”

Going forward, she also revealed the only thing she wants from fellow housemate and former strategic partner, Tobl.

The relationship between the two, which was seen by fellow housemate and viewers as the strongest in the house, has suddenly gone sour and has been taken over by consistent quarrels.

Last night, Tobi and Cee-c were filmed engaging in a serious argument calling each other different names. While Tobi accused Cee-c of touching his manhood without his consent, Cee-c said he was less than a man.

Chatting with fellow housemates afterwards, Cee-c said the only thing she wants from Tobi was for both of them to sit down and talk.

She told Alex and Leo, “All I want from him(Tobi) is for us to seat down, analyse the whole thing and tell ourselves the truth. Which is it that this thing won’t work again?

“I don’t know how I found myself in this situation. I can’t sleep because of Tobi. I’m thinking all the time.

“Not that the issues we are having are serious, do you understand? But the problem is just the way we handle them.”

And she's not done yet. Cee-C said that she would have dealt with Tobi in a totally different manner if they were in the real world.

After their scuffle, Cee.c was seen telling other housemates that “had this happened outside the show, Tobi wouldn’t have slept this night.”

“I’m not joking. I don’t know what to do again. This is a kind of situation you involve your father to help you talk to your boyfriend even though both of you are not married.

“Had it been that this happened outside the show, I mean in the real world, I would have dragged out of sleep this night and beat the hell out of him.

“Had it been in the outside world, I wouldn’t have allowed Tobi sleep tonight. The way we settle this would have been totally different. But this is a different world. I don’t have any reason to fight.”

Cee-C concluded by saying Tobi is not a man because he talks too much.

Speaking with Tobi, Cee-C said, “I’m angry with you because you are full of shit. I wasted my time on you. You can’t handle me. You are not a man, at your age you can handle your ‘shit.’

“If you can go behind me and bad mouth me with other housemates means you are a coward.”

Tobi Bakare did proved that he talks to much.

He said marrying Cee-c will have him kill himself.

Tobi during a heated argument with Cee-c and Teddy A, said the reason he did not ”Marry Cee-c’ during the game entitled ‘Kiss, marry or kill’ was because marrying her can lead to suicide.

Cee-c had after the Saturday night party insulted Tobi for gossiping about her.

According to her, Tobi was a disappointment because he cannot handle his ‘shit.’

Tobi while reacting said, ”The reason why I did not ‘Marry Cee-c’, is because that will be me killing myself.”

He went further to lay curse on Cee-C.

Tobi said ‘Ogun’ will kill Cee-C for lying that she never touched his manhood while they were in bed.

Ogun is believed to be a warrior and a powerful spirit of iron in Yoruba land.

According to Tobi, “Ogun will kill you, what are you ‘forming’ like. You held my manhood and now pretending as if you never did it. I can’t take this, you can’t look at my face and lie. You are a stupid liar,” he said.

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