Friday, 23 March 2018

Dapchi: Daddy Freeze is fast becoming a nuisance by constantly attacking Nigerian Pastors

Daddy Freeze's only problem in Nigeria seems to be Pastors, not politicians whose daily activities affects the lives of everybody in the country.

Some of our pastors may have their shortcomings but they're not our main problem as nobody forces you to associate with dubious pastors. But our politicians whom we voted for to make things better for the common man but keep defrauding and killings us on daily basis are our biggest enemy.

So one can't see why Freeze has never attacked the politicians, but everyday finds our flimpsy excuse to attack pastors.

While many Nigerians are still trying to unravel the mystery behind the abduction and release of the Dapchi Schoolgirls, the controversial (now a nuisance to many) on-air personality (OAP), has once again attacked Nigerian pastors 'over their silence' on Leah Sharibu, the Christian Dapchi girl who has remains in Boko Haram captivity for refusing to denounce her faith.

He wrote on Instagram, “Sad to see this poor girl and her family go through this.

”Where are all those thieving Daddy GOs on this matter? Oh sorry, my bad, it doesn’t concern tithes.

”The only Christ they are about is the one that fuels their jets, buys their Gucci sweaters and funds the tomfoolery their ridiculous doctrine has shamefully become!”

Maybe Freeze did not see the statement from the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, condemning the federal government's failure to secure the release of Liya Sharibu.

Maybe Freeze wants Pastors to do the work of security agencies by invading the forest and rescue the girls.

Freeze did not find it worthy to criticize the security agencies who obviously failed in their duty to protect lives and properties.

Freeze did not find it worthy to criticize the Muhammadu Buhari's government which keeps saying Boko Haram has been defeated but the terrorist group keep causing more havoc.

Freeze did not find it shameful that the terrorist group which gained free access to abduct the schoolgirls were still giving another free access to return them to same location. And the more shameful images of the terror group members receiving praises and handshake from Dapchi residents.

If Daddy Freeze finds it difficult to criticize our politicians who has continued to fail us, then is safe to say he is benefiting directly from them.

This same chronic critic of pastors has never condemned the activities of killers herdsmen and government's reluctance to deal with the issue.

And if Daddy Freeze thinks that constantly attacking pastors even when it is not necessary will earn him more points in life, he is definitely fooling himself!

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