Thursday, 22 March 2018

Nigerian actress Marvelous Dominion wants to break cultural boundaries with “Nude Art” (Photos 18+)

Nigerian actress Marvelous Dominion got the social media buzzing today after she posed nude for the MediaRoom Hub magazine.

The Oxford Brookes University/London Academy of Media Film and TV trained actress and model, says she has embraced an unconventional way to break cultural boundaries and live life as freely as possible.

Before making it on the cover of MediaRoom Hub, Marvelous acted in a stage psycho-erotic play called “3Some” where she appeared nude on stage.

She described her decision to go nude as her own interpretation of art.


Her role in the play raised some interest and encouraged MRH’s editor, Azuka Ogujiuba, to reach out to Marvelous for her story.

Talking about her decision to go nude on stage, boldly defying Nigeria’s conservative expectations, she says:
I didn’t really think about it because I am a Nigerian, of course we have our own cultural beliefs in this country, the only thing I thought of was just what makes me happy. This is what I want to do, and in the film school I went to, we were being taught that you might be asked to come out to work as a nude actress. So it only takes a daring actor to imbibe the character. I went through the story and I realized it was an interesting and a very daring story. If it wasn’t daring of such, I wouldn’t have gone for it.
My parents were aware of this. Firstly, I came from a beautiful family, my parents have been very supportive, especially my career and passion for acting. Acting is what I have always wanted to do from childhood. When my mum heard the story line and my role in the play, though I told her later that I was going nude onstage, and the only thing she said was, are they going to recognize you in reality onstage, then she said anyways as long as it makes you happy and you know what you are doing, you have our full support. My dad was like, oh it’s good.

 On if she was motivated by money or passion to take up such a role, she says!
Not really, but the money motivates you know. First of all, it’s the passion, secondly was the storyline, the character, and then the money motivates you. If I wasn’t well paid, maybe I wouldn’t have done it, but I was well paid. The first thing here is if the storyline wasn’t as strong and daring as it was, I won’t take it even if it involves mouth-watering pay. So it was the storyline, the passion most importantly, and then the money backed it up.

On if she is presently in a relationship, she says:
Presently, I don’t have a serious boyfriend; I used to have a boyfriend but not anymore. I had a five years relationship which was supposed to lead to marriage, but we had so much issues and then again I suffered domestic violence. He was overly protective and stuff like that so it’s a long story, but we’re still cool though. So, I’m trying to stay on my own for a while, I want to get myself back in order, it’s not like I am a saint but I need to get myself together and focus more on my career. He was overly protective, he did a lot of things to me and he was always hitting me for some petty reasons. Initially, I never knew it was like this, along the way my eyes opened to some deep things and I realized I was in a wrong relationship. At first I didn’t know what to do because I was stupidly in love. When he came back to Nigeria and we both stayed in my own apartment. On his birthday, he acted really crazy and hit me again, that was the day I decided to leave the relationship for good.

On her sexual harassment experience with directors and producers, she says:
Oh yes, I have those experiences here in Nigeria, sincerely it’s terrible. I know Nollywood is a very fascinating industry, a lot of things happening left and right. There are a lot of upcoming actresses and actors who are very desperate to go on camera, on Tv basically. I have been a victim before, whenever I go for auditioning, I get picked one way or the other and it always end with I like you. Most of them say the sentence ‘I want to protect you in the industry’ and I’m like really? I am a trained actor and am I supposed to sleep with a producer or director to get a movie role? So that is the main reason why I have to keep my cool in the industry. You have to be very strong in this line, because if you are not strong you will be forced to do what you don’t want to do in the process of trying to make your way to the top.
More photos below..


Read her full interview here as well as the editorial spread.

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