Thursday, 22 March 2018

Nigerians react to video of Dapchi residents waving as Boko Haram convoy leaves town

Boko Haram on Wednesday freed dozens of abducted Dapchi school students.

The fully armed sect members who returned the girls moved into the town in a number of vehicles.

The school girls, numbering about 105 were released on Wednesday morning.

The Defence Headquarters denied the Military’s involvement in the negotiations leading to the release of 105 girls abducted by Boko Haram terrorists in Dapchi, Yobe state.

Meanwhile, a video showing the convoy of the terrorists leave the community has emerged, showing residents rejoicing and waving to the insurgents.

This has stirred up reactions on social media as some Nigerians question why residents would shower praises on terrorists that kidnapped their children.

They wondered how the insurgent group who were supposed to be apprehended by the military were being celebrated.

Watch video below:
Here are some comments:

@Adelajaadeoyin “It’s still hard to believe that Northern residents were jubilating while they also gave BOKO HARAM a heroic welcome after dropping off #DapchiGirls. I saw Boko Haram in that video giving something like Presidential handshake to some of the residents. This is mind troubling

@Chinaydu4 This is truly heartbreaking… are these individuals not supposed to be classified as criminals? Where are the supposed security operatives that the govt. claimed to be stationed in Dapchi? These deceit is getting out of hand.

@Elema “Boko Haram should just go and form their own political party, nothing remain again.Heroic welcome!

@gbadamosiwole “The insurgents have won the local communities over! They now have the admiration of the member’s community that our troops don’t have! Isis didn’t even get much affection from residents of Mosul to misled them as what their real motives were and subsequently enslave them!

@Kirchy “Doomed is an understatement. If the authenticity of this video is confirmed, then there is certainly a local conspiracy going on. You can’t come to my village and abduct people at night, return them few days later in the afternoon while we hail you so openly. Something is wrong

@ceonigeria “Boko Haram are now celebrities to their “host communities” APC has completely finished Nigeria!

@Phebeano “Is it just me. Or some people have lost their minds. Why would you be praising them. I mean are people really that uneducated?

@Mamuswanigbo “With this kind of cheers ringing out you see why BH have a steady ready pool of people to recruit into their ranks… May God help this country

@Lagospikin “Nigerians rejoicing should be ready for another set of BokoHaram kidnap & after which there will be more negotiations with more terrorists released & more money for the boys. What an industry! Nigerians are not fooled.

@desoji5 “This is really terrible. I am happy those ladies came back but how can the community celebrate them. Good one to PMB most of us don’t care what the presidency did to get them back but I expected those militants to be traced to their hideouts.

@Obrientims “Obviously d camera guy was avoiding being caught, but that’s a BH flag raised high. Certainly there was jubilation instead of arrest. Nigeria was cursed with this government, n certainly needs deliverance.

@Oyedim “This Boko Haram are really heroes, receiving heroes welcome, thank God I lived to see this day that they are really celebrated the way the really ought to be.

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