Friday, 28 June 2019

Social media reacts as American Razor brand shows women’s pubic hair in new campaign (Video 18+)

An American women’s razor brand, Billie, has stirred up reactions on social media after showing pubic hair in its latest campaign.

This week, the "female-first shave and body brand" unveiled a new video as part of its Red, White, And You Do You campaign, which features a diverse mix of women relaxing poolside or on the beach wearing high-cut swimwear with tufts of pubic hair visible.

In one shot, a woman is captured readjusting her swimsuit while another reclines on a sun lounger to reveal hair under her arms

The short film features a diverse of models in keeping with Billie’s brand identity, which champions diversity, body positivity and female empowerment.

It’s a rare sight to see pubic hair in advertising, but Billie’s executives explain they’re hoping this campaign will change that and help to normalise female body hair.

"I think when we brush topics to the side and don't address it, it’s a form of body shaming," Georgina Gooley, the co-founder of Billie, told Refinery29.

"You’re saying it’s so unacceptable that we’re not even going to talk about it, and that's how we treat pubic hair,” she added.

“That’s why it's important to have a strong message that says, 'No, no, we are talking about it and it is OK.'"

The campaign has attracted mixed reactions on social media. While some lauding Billie for tackling the harmful myth of the “beach body”, others think the campaign was gross.

“This is fearless,” commented one person on Instagram, while another added: “There’s something you don’t see everyday but it’s good.”

Another added: "I honestly don’t understand why people get so grossed out by it. like we ALL get it. some shave it, some choose not to. and i don’t see a problem with choosing not to. let people live there life like damn😒"

However, one wrote: "That’s gross. Come on girls just keep up with yourself a little bit😂"

Another wrote: "To be fair, men don't go around showing their pubic either. they wear swim trunks. so it's not just women who are taught not to show it. i think its more of a decency thing rather than a social practice based on shame. but if you feel the need to break out of it anyway, then that fine."

Another added: "I mean this is something that is never supposed to public because it is on the genital area. That is something private. There is no superficial rule saying women shouldnt have pubic hair, but you dont have to show it off. Armpit hair is fine, leg hair ig is ok, but pubic hair is crossing the line of indecent."

See video:

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