Thursday, 11 July 2019

Cruel trolls mum-shame Meghan Markle for way she's holding baby Archie on family day out

Meghan Markle took her little boy Archie on his first family day out as she joined her in-laws for a day at the polo .

They spend the afternoon with the Duchess of Cambridge, George, Charlotte and Louis watching Princes Harry and William play at a charity match in Berkshire.

Doting mum Meghan was carrying Archie, who was wrapped in a blanket, and was spotted giving him a kiss on the head.

Photos of the relaxed family gathering delighted royal fans but the new mum faced some criticism from cruel trolls for the way she was holding her little boy.

Many accused her of being awkward in the snaps and not knowing how to hold him. Some said it looked like she was about to drop him.

One wrote: "Why can't she hold the baby properly after two months? It looks weird. Clearly the nanny looks after him most of the time."

Another added: "She is clearly struggling and not yet familiar with the best way to hold a baby that is covered by a blanket. Her hand position is also awkwardly placed. "

A third questioned: "Is it hot there ? Shouldn’t Archie have on more clothes & shoes? Looks like Meghan can’t hardly hold him. Hope u don’t drop him."

Others even went as far as to say the photos suggest Meghan hasn't bonded with her son yet.

"I'm not sure who looks more ill at ease, Meghan holding Archie, or Archie hoping she doesn't drop him. She just proved that she and Archie have not bonded. Meghan out to focus more on him during her mat leave, instead of editing for Vogue and social media."

But other people rushed to her defence..

One wrote: "I'm not a mum but I cannot stand women mum-shaming other women. Poor Meghan can't even hold baby Archie without 'The Perfect Mums' coming out and criticising her."

Another commented: "Baby Archie is already a robust little guy. He's long and probably getting heavy. My five month old granddaughter is a challenge to hold on to. She squirms, and rolls all over. Meghan is getting the hang of it."

Meghan also came under fire for wearing jeans & banning spectators from taking pictures at Wimbledon.

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