Thursday, 18 July 2019

Viral video of Chief Justice of Nigeria, Tanko Muhammad finding it difficult to define a legal technicality

A video making rounds on social media shows the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad, trying hard to define a legal technicality, but ended up saying nothing meaningful.

The video was recorded during the screening of the CJN by the Nigerian senate.

The senate minority leader, Eyinnaya Abaribe had asked: “My Lord, in 2018, Akeredolu vs Abraham, I can quote the supreme court if you permit me. The supreme court said, ‘technicality in the administration of justice, shuts out justice. it is, therefore, better to have a case heard or determined on its merit than to leave the court with the shield of victory obtained on a mere technicality.”

“But my lord, just a few weeks ago, the supreme court also said and I quote, ‘The correct order to make is to declare the judgement of the trial tribunal a nullity as a result of one of the panelists not sitting on a day when proceedings were held’. And Nigerians are really worried, we would like to know where this supreme court will be situated under you?”

The CJN started by asking "What is a technicality?" then said, "something which is technical in my definition. It's something that is not usual, that may sometimes defiles all the norms known to a normal thing, it may be technical."

"Now, we have technicalities in our laws, this is because these laws we have inherited them from the British. The British people have centuries ago introduced what's know as technicalities in their laws.

"Now, if something is technical, its in a way given leeway to double interpretation. It may be interpreted this way by Mr A, or it may be interpreted this way by Mr B.

"Now, if something is technical comes before the law or before the courts,. What we normally do at the trial court, we ask people who are expert in that field to come and testify, we rely on their testimony."

See video below:

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