Tuesday, 13 August 2019

#BBNaija: Ike risks disqualification, Tacha, Joe gets warning strikes

Three Big Brother Naija housemates, Ike, Tacha and Joe risked being disqualified from the show if they don't behave from now.

It was a time of reckoning for the BBNaija contestants on Monday night.

The housemates were called together in the sitting room and shown their moments of anger on the big screen.

Biggie replayed the moment Tacha and Joe had a heated argument this past Friday that resulted in Tacha verbally and physically attacking him.

In the video, while the duo were arguing Tacha had warned Joe to stay away from her, but he refused.

Joe rather drew closer to Tacha, touched her duvet which made her even more furious till she hit him on the face.

Following their confrontation, Tacha has been issue a warning strike each. With two more strikes, they will be kicked out of the House.

However, Ike received his second strike in the house for charging towards a fellow housemate.

Ike got his first strike after he broke the rules of the house for threatening housemates after he noticed his coins were missing.

This second one is as result of his confrontation with Seyi on Saturday night over ice cream.

The argument broke out after Seyi called out Mercy for reporting to Ike that he hid ice cream in the refrigerator.

Ike took offence and accused Seyi of hiding, storing ice cream and food from housemates.

This led to a serious argument with Ike seen in the video charging towards Seyi but was held back by other housemates.

With this second strike, Ike is one more strike away from bidding big brother house goodbye.

Big Brother, addressing the housemates, said that “it is okay to disagree with yourselves in the house, but fighting and violence is not allowed.”

He also told the housemates that “Judgment delayed is not judgement denied” reminding them that “Big Brother is always watching”

Ironically, the trio of Ike, Tacha and Joe are up for possible eviction this week.

See Videos below.

Tacha vs Joe

Ike vs Seyi

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