Thursday, 1 August 2019

Teenage girl becomes internet sensation after she sat in front of police to read constitution during Russia protests


An image of a Russian teenage girl sitting in front of riot police and reading the country's constitution has gone viral.

Olga Misik, 17, first sat in a bulletproof vest with the Russian constitution on her lap in front of the police dressed in combat gear and armed with rubber batons in Moscow.

And when the police paused their march on protesters in the centre of the Russian capital, she opened the constitution and started reading the document to the police officers.

Olga told Latvian outlet Meduza: 'It is foolish to think that this is a rally only for free elections or the admission of candidates.

'This is a rally in defence of elementary constitutional rights that would not be questioned in a democratic state.'

Olga later became one of more than 1,000 arrested by police during the protests, which came after a number of anti-Vladimir Putin candidates were barred from running in September's Moscow City Duma electio

People from all over the world are praising the courage of Olga Misik. It is being referred to as one of the most powerful images in the era of modern feminism.

Her action has been viewed by many as a metaphor for young people's disillusionment with politics in the nation.

Photojournalist Alexei Abanin took the picture of Olga said, "she is just one tired girl against the police."

'The fact that she is young, and sitting in a bulletproof vest with the constitution, adds emotions. This picture looks like a metaphor," Abanin told PA.

Several people were injured during a demonstration calling for free elections in Russia

Vladimir Putin has been president of Russia since 2000 - except for 2008 to 2012, when he took the role of prime minister as he was barred from taking three consecutive terms by the constitution.

He has been accused of subverting democracy and rigging elections to maintain his grip on power.

Sobol, a close ally of the jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny, has called on Russians to take part in a peaceful 'walk' in central Moscow on Saturday.

More than 17,000 people on Facebook have expressed interest in that rally despite the threat of new violence.

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